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Watch Chris Cornell Sing U2's "One" With Lyrics From Metallica's "One"

A standout moment from the singer's career

Chris Cornell — a legendary singer with the unmistakable voice, widely regarded as one of the greatest frontman in rock & roll — was best known for his contributions to dark, stormy songs by iconic bands such as Soundgarden, Audioslave and Temple of the Dog. But he wasn't all angst and gravity: Cornell also had a playful sense of humor that occasionally popped up in his music.

One such moment took place in 2013. During a performance at Santander Arts Center in Reading, Pennsylvania, Cornell explained to fans that he was originally planning on covering the song "One" by U2, but was unsure about the words. When he researched the lyrics for "One," Metallica's celebrated epic popped up in its place. Instead of choosing just one of the two songs to cover, Cornell cleverly blended them into a single tune. The singer layered Metallica's lyrics over U2's music — likely the first time that anyone attempted to combine the two bands. Watch the performance above.

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