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Watch Cult of Luna's Eerie New Short Film 'A Dawn to Fear'

18-minute piece encompasses songs "Lay Your Head to Rest" and "The Silent Man"

Swedish post-metal giants Cult of Luna recently released their epic and dynamic new album, A Dawn to Fear, the follow-up to their 2016 collaborative album with NYC-based singer Julie Christmas, Mariner. Today, November 11th, the band dropped an 18-minute new short film that shares the same name as the LP and encompasses two of its standout cuts, "Lay Your Head to Rest" and "The Silent Man."

"The narrative for the 'A Dawn to Fear' short film was written as a continuous story spread out over two songs," explains Cult of Luna guitarist-vocalist Johannes Persson, who wrote and directed the piece. "Because of the hard work that was put in by numerous people it deserves to be viewed in it's intended form. That is why I'm excited that it's finally available as the 18-minute piece it was written as." Watch it above.

Persson is currently busy with a unique new project, a commissioned joint performance at 2020's Roadburn festival with one of the event's co-curators, James Kent, a.k.a. the mastermind of synthwave leader Perturbator. The collaborative production will reportedly form "something of a grand centre-piece for Roadburn."