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Watch the Devil Wears Prada's Emotionally Charged New "Chemical" Video

Song and visual present "both a bleak and hopeful way to to view the world"

The Devil Wears Prada promised an album that would mark a major departure for them, one about which they felt it was "do or die" when it came to pushing the creative envelope. The heavy-music veterans' newly released seventh full-length, The Act, magnificently delivers. Blurring the line between metalcore and post-rock, the most intriguing cut on the album might be "Chemical," which sees guitarist Jeremy DePoyster taking over most of the vocal duties from frontman Mike Hranica for a musically hooky and lyrically reflective song. "There's a hole in my head and heart/But I'm a long way from the start …," DePoyster sings. "Back when I couldn't move, was frozen I told myself, it's all good/ It's only chemical."

Today, October 22nd, TDWP have teamed with Revolver to unleash the new music video for the "Chemical," which was directed by Kevin Johnson. The cinematic clip follows a distraught, increasingly bloodied man as he chases ghosts and struggles with his inner darkness, and it embodies the layered complexity of the song by presenting performance footage of the band from shifting angles and perspectives.

"'Chemical' is about coming to terms with the idea that all of our feelings, good and bad, are just chemical reactions in our brains," explains keyboardist Jon Gering, who was the main songwriter of the Act standout. "It is both a bleak and hopeful way to to view the world, but at times it can help us to move forward."

"Musically, I love that 'Chemical' bends lines," says Hranica. "I think that's a big part of The Act's character." Likewise, Gering adds, "'Chemical' always felt like a special track to us and it's on that pushes the boundaries of what The Devil Wears Prada can sound like." Watch the video above.