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Watch Doc on Cult of Luna, Julie Christmas' Epic 'Mariner' Collaboration

Full-length version of documentary to be released with live album due April 2018

After the dissolution of Made out of Babies and Battle of Mice, Julie Christmas released a few recordings under her own name and played sporadic gigs, but there was a period when fans were unsure if they would ever hear from the galvanizing singer again. We should have known better. 

Cult of Luna's joint effort with Julie Christmas, Mariner, catapulted the vocalist back to center stage — and the band to new creative heights. A true collaboration, it played off the existing strengths of each party to create something wholly fresh and yet compellingly familiar. The record traces an epic and meandering journey, complete with the vast post-metal destruction and sharp songwriting that made both sides of its equation so compelling to begin with. Although the number of remaining live dates featuring the band playing with Christmas are dwindling (we're down to just Roadburn 2018 — that's it), the team has documented its journey in a new film and live LP (both named Mariner), due in the new year. 

Today we're proud to premiere a condensed version of the Mariner documentary, containing portions of the full-length film due in April 2018 that will be packaged with the Mariner live LP. The live footage was culled from a set in November 2016 in De Kreun, Belgium. Watch it above for the first time.