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Watch DragonForce's Herman Li Play Ripping Guitar Solo Underwater

Shredder took his "Valley of the Damned" performance to new depths on Full Metal Cruise VII

If there's one thing DragonForce is good at, it's turning the idea of guitar solos on their head — morphing speed and melody and total fucking shred into a completely different beast that few guitarists can match. Their main axeman Herman Li is so confident in his solo abilities, he took things a step further on this year's Full Metal Cruise VII by performing a guitar solo while snorkeling underwater. 

On September 6th, the band took part in the Full Metal Cruise VII, and performed a set on the main deck of the ship. As a treat for fans, Li attached several floats to his guitar, which allowed him to enter the pool to play the finale of their 2003 power-metal workout, "Valley of the Damned."

As the band kicks into the song, Li comes out, clad in a snorkel, and makes his way to the pool, where there's a circle pit breaking out. Li steps to the edge of the pool, rips out a solo, and then hops down into the water with his floating guitar. Soon, he dips his head under with his hands above, tearing apart a solo to a justifiably amazed audience. He ended the show in equally dramatic fashion, by emerging from the pool, and then promptly doing a flip back into the water.