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Watch Drowning Pool Drop "Bodies" on 'Last Call With Carson Daly' in 2002

Texas nu-metal crew unleash massive 'Sinner' single on late-night studio audience

In June 2001, Dallas, Texas metal crew Drowning Pool released their debut full-length, Sinner. The alt-meets–nu metal album featured the lead single "Bodies," an anthemic stomper that became a ubiquitous hard rock radio staple and something of a "cultural moment" — soundtracking WWE events, Dragon Ball Z anime, Vin Diesel stunts … as well as some seriously dark moments (including being used by interrogators at the Guantanamo Bay detention camps).

In early 2002, as the "Bodies" wave was rising, Drowning Pool — singer Dave Williams, guitarist C.J. Pierce, bassist Stevie Benton and drummer Mike Luce — made a promotional stop on the late-night show Last Call With Carson Daly to give the former TRL host and his live-studio audience a taste of their nu-metal hit.

Watch that performance above.

Sadly, the platinum-certified Sinner was the last Drowning Pool album to feature Williams — as the vocalist died of cardiomyopathy while on tour in Virginia on August 14th, 2002. Since Williams' death, the band has carried on with several different singers and released five more albums, the most recent of which is 2016's Hallelujah.