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Watch Ho99o9's Ultra-Violent New "Pigs Want Me Dead" Video

Rap-punk duo pulls no punches with insane 'GTA'-style clip

"Momma be worried about me/Cuz the pigs want me dead," Ho99o9's theOGM opens the rap-punk duo's raw, incendiary new single. Written in the wake of the ongoing protests against racism and police brutality, the song ultimately shifts into ultra-violent fantasy mode, escalating the vengeful rage of Body Count's seminal controversy-courting cut "Cop Killer." "If you put yo knee on my neck/Now my Glock down your throat," theOGM's bandmate Yeti Bones cries. "Worldwide BBQ burning pigs coast to coast/Usta hang from a tree now it's murder 3rd degree."

Aptly titled "Pigs Want Me Dead," the single arrives accompanied by a no-holds-barred, Grand Theft Auto-esque CGI music video — created by producer, director of photography and editor Tyler Bradberry — that imagines all-out-warfare between two black, Punisher-esque militants and an army of cops. The video comes with a content advisor (read aloud by comedian Eric Andre) for "extreme language" and "intense violence," and and shit is no joke. Bullet flies, blood is shed, fires are ignited. Watch and listen above.

Ho99o9 are currently on a roll. Just last month, they unleashed two fiery new songs, the hardcore rager "Christopher Dorner" and the dreary rap meditation "Pray or Prey." The cuts got their live debuts on June 27th, as part of Black Power Live, a virtual music festival presented by FORM and Jammcard, and streamed on Twitch. Blink-182 drummer and alternative hip-hop guru Travis Barker joined Ho99o9 for the performance, which also included a cover of Bad Brains' "Big Takeover." Watch below.