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Watch Kids Cover Slipknot's "The Devil in I," Destroy Neighborhood

Precocious youngsters channel the Nine against dad's orders

The O'Keefe Music Foundation has a very specific and important mission to "enable children from around the world to record and film their musical performances for free." Having worked with a current count of 941 students on 226 music videos, the organization's most recent output is a slickly produced, high-quality live rendition of Slipknot's 2014 song "The Devil in I," taken from their last full-length .5: The Gray Chapter. 

No mere cutesy cover clip, the video stars six main kids, aged 8 to 17, as the official "band" with a crowd of children between the ages of 5 and 18 on backing vocals. It even has a plot in which a protective father type strolls through the garage where band practice is taking place, pausing to offer encouragement but ending on a sarcastic, "One more thing: absolutely no Slipknot." 

Cutaway shots show kids playing peacefully throughout the neighborhood while the pint-sized band get to shredding and we see the youngins whip into the tune, delivering a shockingly astute and loyal rendition. Eventually, the timid playing turns to destructive rebellion, with a small most pit breaking out in a driveway while one daring kid takes black spray paint to an unsuspecting suburban household's garage door. 

The excitement only escalates from there, leading to a wicked guitar solo by 17-year-old Eli Dykstra, at which point the rampage reaches fever pitch. Ending on an eerily serene note, a small boy etches out "Slipknot" and the song's title on a sidewalk in pastel chalk. See the surreal and fun clip above.