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Watch Korn Cover Deftones' "Bored" in Rare 1996 Rehearsal Footage

Plus, Jonathan Davis plays guitar and Fieldy sings on fun version of "Blind"

By 1996, Korn were already well on their way to the top of the rock world. Life Is Peachy, their explosive second album, released on October 15th that year, debuted at No. 3 on the Billboard 200 and eventually sold more than six million copies worldwide. Still, the band was young, dumb and more focused on having fun than chasing success, as behind-the-scenes video from a band rehearsal from that era shows. Yes, they were budding rock stars, but they were also five young men who were still coming to the full realization of their popularity and having a good time goofing around and making music while they did so. 

Busting out then-new songs like "Chi," "Porno Creep" and "Ass Itch," the Bakersfield quintet ran through the eight-song rehearsal with plenty of breaks to stop and talk out the details and, also, joke around. By the time they get to "Blind" around the 4:10 mark, singer Jonathan Davis has grabbed a guitar and handed over the mic to bassist Fieldy for a goofy version where he squeaks and growls out the lyrics in obvious jest. 

Things take a slightly more serious turn when, at 6:06, the band begin a rough cover of Deftones' 1995 hit "Bored." Davis' take on Chino Moreno's classic crooning is surprisingly adept, and the group seems to have a decently firm grasp on the composition before their rendition falls apart quickly into the first verse. They turn things up, however, as they close with "Ass Itch" and "Ball Tongue/Lodi Dodi." Watch above for a fun flashback to the mid-Nineties.