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Watch L.A. Rock Act the Beta Machine's Surreal Retro-Futuristic New "Embers" Video

Band featuring A Perfect Circle members shares colorful clip ahead of full-length debut 'Intruder'
The Beta Machine, 2019
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With a respected rhythm section already known for their work in A Perfect Circle and Eagles of Death Metal, it was no doubt that new Los Angeles outfit the Beta Machine would exemplify a carefree spirit of creative experimentation and a dedication to manifesting something all its own. The band's lead single "Embers" from upcoming full-length Intruder proves those expectations correct, showcasing the group's collective eclectic influences in a tidy, interesting package that defies easy classification.

Light and airy with touches of space-age sound snippets, "Embers" — the surreal video for which we're premiering below — is a catchy bop that straddles the line between rock and pop. A driving beat with small complexities that become apparent on subsequent listens holds down the dreamy vocal harmonies and buzzing synth lines as they mix with the guitar.

The Beta Machine — bassist, vocalist and keyboardist Matt McJunkins and drummer Jeff Friedl (both also of A Perfect Circle) with vocalist Claire Acey and guitarist/keyboardist Nicholas Perez — are impossible to quantify by genre, choosing to instead create a conglomeration of their personal and cooperative influences to achieve a singular sound that thrives on evolution and their shared experience as collaborators. "It's such a new project. The world is our oyster," says Friedl. "We're hoping that at the end of the day, we have a pretty vast, varied fan base full of people who appreciate all the vibes we put on the record."

The unique blend of styles and influences in "Embers" finds visual life in the video (see above): A cast starring characters called the Housewife, the Explorer, the Communicator, and the Contestant all act out their intertwined parts on seemingly different timelines, overlapping and converging on a mysterious telephone's burial in a remote field. Equal parts cryptic, goofy and unsettling in the moments of upset, the retro-futuristic short is a quixotic and colorful assemblage of seemingly disjointed scenes that hold a common thread of frustration with communication and technology as it runs throughout.

Available for pre-order now in digital and physical formats, Intruder will see a worldwide release on March 29th via Universal Music Group imprint T-Boy/UMe Records.

Track listing:
1.  Embers
2.  Your Enemy
3.  Precious Design
4.  Someday
5.  Palindrome
6.  Ghosts
7.  Bones
8.  The Fall
9.  Intruder
10. Bleed For You