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Watch Lamb of God Cover Bad Brains With Fever 333 Singer

"I Against I" gets ferocious quarantine take

It's no secret that Lamb of God's Randy Blythe loves the Bad Brains. He's called the D.C. hardcore pioneers "my favorite band of all time," and called the group's back-flipping vocalist, H.R., "the greatest living frontman on the face of the planet." LOG covered the band's classic tune "I Against I" on their 2018 covers albums, Legion: XX, released under their original name, Burn the Priest, and now they've offered up a new quarantine take on the song, featuring a cameo by the Fever 333's Jason Aalon Butler. Watch above.

"The idea to cover 'I Against I' goes back at least 20 years to a camping trip the band was on," Blythe commented. "Mark [Morton, LOG guitarist] and I were sitting in the back of our buddy's Jeep ripping through the mountains, Bad Brains was cranking on the stereo and I was singing along to that particular song. Mark looked over at me and said, 'We should cover that tune.' So we thought about it for a couple of decades and finally got around to doing it for the Burn the Priest Legion: XX record (hey, sometimes we move a little slow...)

"As we all know, this pandemic has sucked for live music, but the quarantine jams bands have been doing have been pretty fun, especially when you bring in guests. I saw Fever 333 for the first time at the Sonic Temple fest — I had never listened to them, but I was blown away by their live show. I remember thinking, 'Man, these dudes are wild — their energy reminds me of the punk shows I saw in the Eighties,' and I've been friends with those dudes from that day. I even texted Darryl from Bad Brains that afternoon to tell him to check them out. It was only natural to ask Jason to join us and bring that energy to this song by the almighty Bad Brains, my favorite band of all time."

Butler added, "It is truly an honor to be a part of this one as I have the utmost respect for Randy and the boys since becoming homies after having my mind blown when I looked over at the side of the stage at Sonic Temple Fest and saw him watching us play. It's been a pleasure getting to know him and an honor to rock LOG celebrating one of the most important punk rock/musical acts of all time Bad Brains. From legends to legends to the student. All love."