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Watch Lindemann's Eerie Face-Morphing Music Video for "Ich weiß es nicht"

Rammstein singer and Peter Tägtgren offer up another weird visual ahead of new album

Rammstein ringleader Till Lindemann and his hard-riffing musical partner Peter Tägtgren (Hypocrisy, Pain) have rekindled their collaborative project Lindemann, a creative force that sees the two men explore the outer regions of their artistic consciousness to consistently create something unexpected and wholly bizarre. Their new video for the third single, "Ich weiß es nicht," off from upcoming album F & M is a black-and-white, computer-generated clip that hypnotizes the viewer through a molten, shape-shifting series of famous and unknown faces melting into one another, reaching fever pitch when Lindemann's own face is superimposed on a series of characters. 

According to the video's caption, the insane video was "generated through GANs. Generative Adversarial Networks (GANs)," which are, "AI architectures capable of generating imagery. By analysing thousands of pictures GANs learn image features in a similar way to humans, generalizing visual patterns into conceptual understanding." 

The unsettling result is a creepy look for the duo, whose previous videos on this album cycle, "Steh auf" and "Mathematik," have veered more comedic and surreal, with plenty of colorful costumes and zany plot lines to boot. Since Lindemann seem to relish the aesthetic side of their partnership and have just over a month left until the release of F & M, it's safe to assume they may have even more video tricks up their sleeve.