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Watch Linkin Park's Raucous Cover of Nine Inch Nails' "Wish" in 2004

Chester Bennington and Co. ripped through 'Broken' standout in Germany

Trent Reznor made some major breakthroughs — both artistically and commercially — when he dropped Nine Inch Nails' 1992 EP, Broken. Twenty-five years later, the single "Wish" has emerged as arguably the most enduring track off the pivotal eight-song release.

"Wish" hits a sweet spot — with Reznor's venomous, nihilist lyrics, industrial thrash guitars, pummeling drums, aggro synths and all-out build-and-release insanity — that made the track resonate equally with both fans and critics (it earned Reznor his first Grammy for Best Metal Performance in 1993). It also struck a particular chord with musicians, and has become the most covered song from that highly influential EP.

One of the biggest bands to take on the NIN classic, Linkin Park covered "Wish" during their extensive touring behind 2003's Meteora, including one particularly standout performance at Germany's Rock am Ring festival on June 6th, 2004. The band also recorded their take on "Wish" during their Projekt Revolution tour that same year, and released the song on their exclusive fan club–only live EP Underground 4.0. But it's live that the cover really excels, with Chester Bennington unleashing the most ferocious side of his vocal range to channel Reznor's anguished yowls. Watch above.