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Watch Lyric Video for Cavalera Conspiracy's Pummeling New Song "Insane"

Hear first single off forthcoming 'Psychosis'

Cavalera Conspiracy — the band led by Sepultura's two founding brothers Max and Iggor Cavalera — have released a new song "Insane," off their forthcoming fourth album, Psychosis, which will be released November 17th. You can watch the newly released lyric video for the track above, and stream the cut below via Spotify. "Let's open the mosh pit and go insane!" Max enthuses of the crusher.

In a recent interview with Revolver, Max said of the record: "It's got everything, man. We have songs that sound like [the first Sepultura full-length, 1986's] Morbid Visions and [1989's] Beneath the Remains. There's the thrash element of [1991's] Arise. And then there's new stuff on there that sounds like the stuff we enjoy right now, like Full of Hell, Nails and Godflesh."

Psychosis — which is available for preorder here — was produced by Arthur Rizk (Code Orange, Power Trip, Inquisition), for whom the gig was a dream come true. "When I was learning how to produce, I studied Chaos A.D. and Beneath the Remains by Sepultura," he told Revolver. "I studied Arise. I couldn't believe the shit they were doing on those records — the intros with reverse vocals that kick in, the synths. I took all that and made that my own. And I told Max while I was recording, 'I should be paying you for all these ideas I've taken from you over the years.' He was just psyched to be doing stuff — to be exploring those things again. We sat down and listened to old Sepultura, Judas Priest and tons of Eighties shit, tons of death metal. We would talk about what we like about everything and that gives me such a broader range to work with."