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Watch Magician Criss Angel Torment Korn's Jonathan Davis in New 'Mindfreak' Video

Illusionist taps singer to help unveil his new alter ego "Xristos"

Throughout his illustrious career, the famous illusionist and magician Criss Angel has always run parallel to heavy metal and general darkness. Back on his A&E show, Criss Angel Mindfreak, he featured several musicians to take part in his illusions and be part of the act, including Gene Simmons, Rob Zombie, Dave Navarro and more. One guest he's kept up a friendship with is Korn singer Jonathan Davis, who appears in Angel's new video promoting his upcoming Mindfreak show in Las Vegas later this month.

The video, directed by Angel, features the magician tormenting Davis in a dilapidated house — and it's not clear if he's an apparition in Davis' mind or the real thing. All through the visual, Jonathan Davis' "Basic Needs" from his 2018 solo album Black Labyrinth plays. Angel portrays his new alter ego Xristos who will appear in the upcoming show, and terrorizes Davis, holding weapons to his head while the singer takes a look in the mirror. There's no real conclusion to the video, although one would guess Angel's live show will flesh out what Xristos' purpose is, and how he differs from Angel. 

The show plays at the Criss Angel Theater at Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino, starting on December 19. See the video below.