Watch Mastodon's Trippy Video for Haunting New Song "Teardrinker" | Revolver

Watch Mastodon's Trippy Video for Haunting New Song "Teardrinker"

Atlanta heavy hitters offer second taste of double album 'Hushed and Grim'

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Last month, Mastodon announced their impending double album, Hushed and Grim, and shared a pummeling preview track from it called "Pushing the Tides." The song was definitely on the heavier side of the Atlanta heavy-metal band's sound, but today (October 1st) they're back with another cut from the opus called "Teardrinker" that offers something different.

Compared to the aggressive and unsteady "Pushing the Tides," "Teardrinker" rests on the catchier, more introspective end of the Mastodon spectrum. Featuring mournful lyrics like, "I can see your face, and I feel the pain/And I feel the shame that I have let you down again," the shuffling chorus has a regretful quiver to it that almost feels influenced by Eighties goth and New Wave.

There's still plenty of Mastodon heft and superior playing, but it's great to hear them continue to push their sound in myriad directions. Listen while you watch its trippy music video above via YouTube.

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