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Watch Metallica Perform Acoustic "Enter Sandman" in New Pro-Shot Video

Hit song's inventive reworking was filmed at thrasher's November 2018 All Within My Hands charity concert

Thrash OGs Metallica continue to showcase clips of their November 2018 performance from their charity All Within My Hands' special Helping Hands event held at San Francisco venue The Masonic. The latest offering is pro-shot, intimate footage of the unique acoustic set's "Enter Sandman" rendition, featuring harmonized vocal refrains, an eerie steel guitar part and more. 

The song's signature crescendos remain, but maintain a controlled quiet approach. Drummer Lars Ulrich plays his toned-down part on hi-hat and a tambourine, barely touching the snare save for the very loudest moment near the end. Frontman James Hetfield shows off his impressive vocal range, pulling out a smoky, restrained inflection that leans hard into his country influences as he strums along on an acoustic guitar. Kirk Hammett's electric-acoustic solo is bluesy and soulful, hypnotizing the crowd into a peaceful lull before Hetfield drops his voice to recite the famous lullaby passage. 

Fans can buy the whole performance on Metallica's website, with all proceeds going directly toward benefiting All Within My Hands