Watch Misery Index's Crushing, Multi-Cam Full Live Set From Munich | Revolver

Watch Misery Index's Crushing, Multi-Cam Full Live Set From Munich

Death-grind vets ring in new Century Media deal with style

If you've been paying any attention to the extreme-metal underground over the last two decades then you should know that Misery Index totally fucking rip. Today (September 4th), to underscore that basic truth, the Baltimore-based death-grind stalwarts have teamed up with Revolver to share pro-shot, multi-cam video of their full live set from March 6th at Munich's Backstage, where they were opening for Napalm Death on "The Campaign for Musical Destruction." Check out the insane performance above.

"Misery Index had the good fortune of having a multi-camera crew at the Backstage," the band tells us in a joint statement. "Thus, our videographer, Chris Joao, was able to put this footage together. The set comes from the Campaign for Musical Destruction tour with ourselves and our good friends in Napalm Death, Eyehategod, Rotten Sound and BAT. We are immensely grateful to be able to share this with you, especially given the current climate."

The full-set video arrives hot on the heels of Misery Index's signing to a worldwide deal with Century Media Records. "When I started working at Century Media, Misery Index was the first band I suggested to sign right after the release of the Overthrow on the band's own Anarchos Records," enthuses Philipp Schulte, director at Century Media. "Now, many years later the plan finally worked out. We are excited and very happy to welcome them."

Founded by vocalist-bassist Jason Netherton in 2001, the band is currently working hard on their seventh studio album, expected to be released next year, right on time for their 20th anniversary. Misery Index's current lineup consists of Netherton, guitarists Mark Kloeppel and Darin Morris and drummer Adam Jarvis.