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Watch Mudvayne Play Ferocious "Dig" at CBGB in 2000

Flashback to Kud, Gurrg, Ryknow and sPaG giving all in NYC

As we wrote in 2019 when breaking down the song: Mudvayne's "Dig" is simply outlandish. The meme-immortalized single crackles and pops like the Red Hot Chili Peppers being spit-roasted over the open flames of Slipknot's "Psychosocial" video. It's funk from hell. Nu-metal meets "math metal," the band's own somewhat tongue-in-cheek descriptor of their sound.

With the Illinois-bred quartet having just announced their long-awaited reunion after a 12-year hiatus, we've been blasting Mudvayne on repeat over here at Revolver HQ, but most of all, we've been blasting "Dig." Kud, Gurrg, Ryknow and sPaG played the song many times before taking their extended break, long after they'd given up the face-paint and pseudonyms, but one of their best performances of the iconic tune was back in the beginning, in 2000, at a little club called CBGB. Watch the wild, frenetic run-through above.