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Watch Neurosis-Approved Band Amenra's Eerie New Music Video

Crows, skulls and apparitions appear in "Children of the Eye" clip

Over 18 years, Amenra has slowly amassed a devoted following in the E.U. by reimagining Neurosis' cataclysmic slash and burn. They brought out intrigued U.S. crowds during short-lived stateside tours in 2008, but then took a break from American shores until supporting Neurosis and Converge on their recent jaunt together. It's a tough task to support arguably two of the most critically acclaimed and beloved bands in heavy music, but the Belgian team held its own night after night, playing songs from across its five-LP catalog.

Amenra not only owe Neurosis a debt of gratitude for musical inspiration and for the opening slot, they also have them to thank for releasing their latest LP, Mass VI, on the band's Neurot label (the record is due out October 20th). As on previous offerings, the album is full of crawling, dirge-and-purge post-metal lead by a mix of clean and ACME-style hardcore vocals. Amenra may be dark, but they are also darkly triumphant.

The Belgian band's latest release is the video for "Children of the Eye," which makes it's debut above. Vocalist Colin Van Eeckhout had the following comment regarding the band's beautiful new clip:

"We hooked up with our longtime friends Wim Reygaert — responsible for Ra live visuals early 2000s — and Maximiliaan Dierickx — COR DVD 2009, 23.10 DVD, etc. The idea and effort was to visualize the everlasting fight we all have against invisible enemies in life. Be it depression, loss, illness ... 

"Cancers of the soul.

"Life's pain.

"The children of the eye never give up. They never go down without a fight.

"A will. A way."

You can pre-order Mass VI via Neurot Recordings in the U.S. and via Consouling Sounds in Europe.