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Watch Nicole Dollanganger's Eerie New "Heart Shaped Bed" Video

Doom-pop chanteuse explores haunted spaces with three friends in creepy clip

To commemorate the one-year anniversary of her sixth full-length, Heart Shaped Bed — which was released on October 26th 2018 — child-voiced gothic-pop chanteuse Nicole Dollanganger has released a cinematic video for the album's chilly and ethereal title cut. Directed by Dollanganger and Mac Boucher, the clip sees the singer cavorting with a trio of young women sporting vintage-looking babydoll dresses through a series of decrepit ruins and seemingly haunted rooms.

Dollanganger told us last year that "Heart Shaped Bed" marked an important turning point in the writing of her latest album, for which she had penned a series of intimate love songs that she quickly began to feel self-conscious about and stepped away from. After taking time to tour and deal with some personal health problems, she returned to the compositions. "I went back and listened to the demos, and I sat at the piano afterwards, and kind of on a whim put this song together called 'Heart Shaped Bed,'" she said. "It came out instantly. It was the most natural thing ... like tapping into this old friend, of sorts. And I realized, 'Oh, the issue here is that I'm not allowing the things that I actually want to sing and write about come to the surface.' I [named] the album Heart Shaped Bed because that song felt like a pivotal turning point for me." Watch the video above.