Watch Old Wounds' Intense, Political New "Stripes" Performance Video | Revolver

Watch Old Wounds' Intense, Political New "Stripes" Performance Video

Visual is haunting meditation on "families being broken up at the border"

New Jersey hardcore crew Old Wounds have dropped a new music video for the strongly political song, "Stripes," which we're excited to premiere on Revolver today.

While Glow — the crew's latest record and one of 2018's best — was written during vocalist Kevin Iavaroni's recovery from surgery due to complications with Crohn's disease and largely focuses on the personal struggles and conflict of living with a chronic illness, Iavaroni and Old Wounds have never shied away from writing songs that address broader social and political issues, from LGBTQ causes and androgynous pride to the government's stance on border control.

"I remember writing the lyrics [to "Stripes"] while I was in the hospital and everything on the news was families being broken up at the border," said Iavaroni when Revolver interviewed him late last year. "It was one of the most heartbreaking things I'd ever seen. I'd never thought that I would just see actual heartbreak because of our government."

Directed by The Widow Brothers, the video presents Old Wounds fiercely performing the Glassjaw-esque track, while cutaway shots reveal disturbing, rapid-fire clips of children being snatched and carried away or held hostage in cages as a forlorn Iavaroni goes to investigate. Watch it above.