Watch Palm Reader's Haunting New Sci-Fi Video "False Thirst" | Revolver

Watch Palm Reader's Haunting New Sci-Fi Video "False Thirst"

U.K. hardcore group's outstanding song and visual ask, "Should it be easy?"

Nottingham, U.K.-based quintet Palm Reader's fourth studio album, Sleepless, was one of last year's underground standouts. One of the many not-to-miss cuts on the record, "False Thirst" is perhaps the group's biggest experiment yet: Calm synths, subtle piano and ambient atmospherics weave over the vocal lines before crushing, engulfing heaviness takes over. Today (April 22nd), Palm Reader have teamed up with Revolver to premiere the song's captivating sci-fi-themed music video, which brings the emotional content of the music to life. Watch above.

Palm Reader vocalist Josh Mckeown tells us, "A running theme throughout all the albums has been the idea of overcoming obstacles. I'm not sure if that's me reassuring myself or trying to reassure other people, but it's essentially about getting up after you've been knocked down."

Of "False Thirst," specifically, Mckeown explains, "This song is about the normality behind life's difficulties. We all find it hard in some respect. So, considering the thought of all our collective hardships, 'Should it be easy?' That was the question I found myself asking whilst writing and it really helped me, even before it was answered, to gain some perspective.

"Realizing you're not alone in your troubles can really help to relieve the pressure we put on ourselves and reduce the stress surrounding those moments. In short, life is really fucking hard sometimes, but it goes on and it gets better."

You can pick up a copy of Sleepless in the U.S. via Deathwish Inc. and in the U.K. and Europe via Church Road Records.