Watch Pantera's Haunting Performance of "Floods" in 2001 | Revolver

Watch Pantera's Haunting Performance of "Floods" in 2001

'Trendkill' standout got rare annd devastating run-through

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Pantera's "Floods" is a fan favorite and for good reason. Coming in at No. 24 on Revolver's list of the band's greatest songs, the Great Southern Trendkill standout might just be Pantera's crowning achievement in terms of range. It's Vantablack dark — at times haunting and delicate, other times crushing as fuck with a Soundgarden vibe. Plus, it features what many consider to be Dimebag's most glorious solo.

As great as the song is, "Floods" was far from a live staple — in part due to its falsetto vocals, which singer Philip Anselmo found challenging to replicate on a regular basis. According to, Pantera played the hair-raising tune just over 30 times across their career, all in 2001, their final year of shows before the group's acrimonious dissolution. One such performance is captured in the video above. Anselmo eschews the falsetto but the song comes across with penetrating intensity nonetheless, building to Dime's weeping, atmospheric outro.