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Watch Speed-Metal Trio Bewitcher Revisit 80s Satanic Panic in New Video

Rising act's ripping new song "Too Fast for the Flames" arrives with VHS-style performance clip

In the panicky 80s, the problem wasn't deviant behavior or the psychological state of people, it was "clearly" pop-culture music and media and its influence on children's fragile minds. As with any mass movement (and hysteria), the suppression of an artistic force had an equal and opposite effect on its popularity and extremity — arguably pushing fans toward Judas Priest and Ozzy Osbourne (two highly persecuted bands of the era) and the accompanying "dangerous" atmosphere therein, and inspiring a legion of teens to go meaner and nastier. (Follow Cannibal Corpse, Deicide and more down the rabbit hole for further examples.) As such, in the end ... the "satanic panic" kicked off by the morality police was all one big laughable farce.



Bewitcher, a classically leaning speed-metal trio that recalls Kreator, Venom, Sodom and others, poke fun of the ridiculousness of the era with their new video for "Too Fast for the Flames." Leaning on all of the tropes for a "satanic" metal band, Bewitcher's video is a tongue-in-cheek ripper shot in VHS style with incredible musical chops to match the "shock value" of the content therein. Bewitcher ain't no joke, but they do tell a good one.

Check it out for the first time above and order your copy of their 7" — which includes a b-side cover of W.A.S.P.'s "Show No Mercy" via Shadow Kingdom. This single will serve as a precursor to the band's second full-length, which will follow on Shadow Kingdom later this spring.