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Watch Trap-Metal Screamer Gizmo Go Insane in New "Slurp" Video

Rhode Island rapper holds nothing back in full-throttle clip for aggro-as-hell track

We're truly living in a golden age for the crossover between hip-hop, punk and metal, and one genre-blurring rapper who's been making waves is Rhode Island's Gizmo. He's been steadily releasing a ton of aggro-as-hell material, and getting featured on tracks with the likes of Lil' Peep. He's recently partnered up with OG metal label Earache, where he's primed to further expand the reach of metal/rock-inspired rap. Today, June 21st, he's dropped a new video for the rager "Slurp," which was released last year. 

Off the bat, it's obvious that Gizmo is pretty vicious, but he manages to straddle a line where he sounds both aggressive and also kind of funny, yelling the word "Slurp" over and over. His lyrics are completely filthy (he's been touted as "the Trap Cannibal Corpse"), oscillating between rhymes about sex and murder, potentially at the same time. Video-wise, his music is initially contrasted against a soft and pretty set where he's surrounded by lights. Things take a turn as the clip goes on, where we're treated to scenes with the rapper strapped into a straitjacket, screaming his throat out and flopping around like an animal.

"I made this song 'Slurp' almost two years ago, but felt that now was a good time to do a music video for it," Gizmo says. "At the time of making the song I was living in a small shed deep in the woods, miles from civilization, with no transportation, so I had extreme amounts of energy itching inside of me to be released. The song is basically me going off about how fake people/rappers act like they're something they really aren't, and that if any of them challenge me they'll see a side of me they never wanted to, while referencing some sexual experiences along the way. My producer friend Lunar Vision from Russia produced the track, and on the original song my friend Fukkit has the second verse."

Check out the video above. If you like what you see and hear, follow Gizmo on Soundcloud