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Watch Trenchgrinder's Bleak, War-Torn New Video "Deterrence and Retribution"

Track comes from Brooklyn death-metal group's forthcoming record 'Peace is Forfeit'

As death metal starts to creep towards 40 years in existence, terrifying an audience is harder than ever. Cannibal Corpse's over-the-top lyricism and ideas may be vile, but tongue is firmly planted in cheek. The darkness of Mordor and the Orcs descending upon the Fellowship is not quite as terrifying now that we know that Frodo was actually the kid from the Flipper movie. Satanism is seen as a laughable threat compared to the paranoia of Tipper Gore in the 1980s. And between "The Walking Dead," its spin-off and every third movie in the theater I'd say that zombies are pretty well covered.

The one thing that is a constant source of anxiety and inspiration — especially in a style of music with punk influences — is politics and atrocities of war. Enter Trenchgrinder, the Brooklyn death-metal band that aims to provide the soundtrack for these dark horrors.

Featuring current and former members of Anicon, Skullshitter, Atakke and more, Trenchgrinder have been kicking around Brooklyn for several years now, flattening audiences and turning bones to dust with their crust/stench meets caveman death-metal approach. Clear influences for the band are names like Bolt Thrower, Sacrliege and Hellbastard, but the foul miasma of bands like Axegrinder, Anti-Cimex, Driller Killer and others also rear their rotting worm-ridden heads.

The first video from their new record is "Deterrence and Retribution" a half speed/double speed death-metal killing machine that illustrates their approach simply: you can practically hear soldiers cowering in their foxholes as the ground ignites into flame around them. Intercut between live shots of the band are scenes of military actions to hammer the point home — this is not for the faint of heart. To quote Martin Van Druunen from a recent Asphyx LP, "this is true death metal, ya bastards!!!" 

"Deterrence and Retribution" is culled from Peace is Forfeit, Trenchgrinder's forthcoming juggernaut recorded by Nolan Voss (Anicon) and mastered by Jack Control (Severed Head of State, World Burns to Death, etc). Preorder yours ahead of it's 10/17 release.