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Watch the Who's Keith Moon Play Insane Solo on Drums Filled With Live Fish

On 40th anniversary of legendary musician's death we look back at one of his craziest antics

Forty years ago today, the world lost one of the greatest rock & roll madmen to ever sit behind a kit. Whether he was blowing up his drums on television or wreaking havoc on hotel rooms across the world, the legendary percussive force behind hard-rock godfathers the Who knew how to cause a scene. One such event occurred on October 8th, 1974 when Moon filled one of his clear Ludwig Vistalite series floor toms with goldfish as a prank on the TV show Wide World in Concert: Midnight Special.

While such an incident might cause animal rights activists to riot today, little was out of place about Moon's performance at the time. With full cat face paint and his inimitable spirited style, the clip shows the audience going wild and breaking into dance during Moon's performance. In a different version of the clip below, Moon, acting as "star host" that evening fields some questions after the performance, and when an audience member asks, "What happens with your goldfish?" his cheeky reply is "Well, I mean, you know, even the best drummers get hungry."

Tragically, Moon died of a prescription drug overdose on September 7th, 1978, at the young age of 32. His legacy lives on as one of the greatest rock drummers of all time, even being named No. 2 greatest drummer of all time in a readers poll conducted by Rolling Stone.