'WEDNESDAY' star JENNA ORTEGA picks DEFTONES, NINE INCH NAILS songs for dream 'Scream' soundtrack | Revolver

'WEDNESDAY' star JENNA ORTEGA picks DEFTONES, NINE INCH NAILS songs for dream 'Scream' soundtrack

The rising Hollywood star is a confirmed metalhead
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Jenna Ortega is one of the fastest-rising stars in Hollywood right now, having played the lead in Netflix's smash Wednesday series and a major role in the new Scream VI movie. With her gothy appearance and obvious talent for macabre acting roles, the 20-year-old certainly scans as a metalhead, and it turns out that she actually is! During a video interview with some of her Scream castmates, Ortega was tasked with picking her dream soundtrack for a Scream chase scene, and she selected songs by Deftones and Nine Inch Nails for her proposed score.

While some of her fellow actors chose thinks Mozart or Beethoven would be the ideal music for getting chased by Ghostface, Ortega understood the assignment and went with a couple picks that are genuinely hair-raising.

"It's kind of a basic one but I also feel like it goes along with this movie, 'Be Quiet and Drive (Far Away),' the Deftones song," Ortega said, nailing the vibe perfectly. "I feel like [the characters] are just trying to get a way. I feel like that can be an interesting one, too."

But that wasn't her only great pick. The next one she chose was "The Only Way Out Is Through" by Nine Inch Nails, claiming that it'd be an "interesting" pick for the vibe. Then, she tossed in a Beatles song for good measure, "She's Leaving Home." Which, yeah, goes along with the whole getting chased theme.

So yes, at long last we know for certain. Ortega digs heavy music. Righteous. See her give her Scream soundtrack picks below.