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Wet and Wild: Go Behind the Scenes of Higher Power's "Seamless" Video

U.K. hardcore upstarts braved the elements to make intense new clip
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Higher Power are one of the most exciting young heavy-music bands in the world, churning out a singular mix of hardcore, alt rock and funk that evokes Deftones, Jane's Addiction and Bad Brains while still remaining utterly original. The U.K. group's latest single, "Seamless," gives listeners a tantalizing taste of what's to come on their forthcoming Roadrunner Records debut, 27 Miles Underwater, due in early 2020, and it's accompanying music video showcases Higher Power's dedication to their craft as singer Jimmy Wizard and Co. braved the elements — particularly, fire and water — to make it. To give us a better understanding of went down during the fun yet grueling day-long shoot, the band shared some behind-the-scenes photos, full of wet-suit misadventures and flying middle fingers, all captured by photographer Nat Wood. Go inside the making of Higher Power's "Seamless" music video below.

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