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WHILE SHE SLEEPS pick 11 favorite British metal bands ever

From Led Zeppelin to Loathe
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While She Sleeps

While She Sleeps have been holding it down on the U.K. metalcore scene for nearly two decades.

In honor of their crushing new, sixth album, Self Hell, the band's singer Loz Taylor and guitarist Mat Welsh collaborated on a list of their 11 favorite U.K. metal bands of all time. Because these boys know better than most.

See their picks — which range from genre godfathers to cutting-edge rising acts — below.

Self Hell is out now via Spinefarm Records and available for order here.

Black Sabbath and Motörhead

Where would we be without these bands? Would the metal today in the U.K. have been shaped the way it has? It doesn't bear thinking about.

Bleed From Within

Staple U.K. metal legends. Incredibly tight drums and riffs. Have been a solid band on the U.K. scene for 10-plus years. Guaranteed stank-face headbang.

Also, Scottish, well up for a pint of Bucky.

Guilt Trip

Manchester thrash-hardcore with some tasty riffs. Fels like halfway between a throwback and a new breed of hardcore/metal.

Led Zeppelin

The pioneers of hard rock and heavy metal.


Progressive metal, tough to put into any kind of genre box, really interesting band. Somewhere between early Dillinger Escape Plan and Deftones.

Amazing aesthetic and visuals. A musical adventure.


If you don't know them already, you're missing out.

Heavy AF, riffs for day, and they'll make you wanna smash your room up/windmill.


These guys pushed the boundaries far and wide unlike any metal band I'd heard at the time — meandering through heavy and technical riffs to atmospheric and, at times, eccentric sounds.

This powerhouse of a band are hugely underrated, in my opinion. But if you know you know, you know!

Static Dress

Artistic, early 2000s-influenced post-hardcore with a great aesthetic and all the Underoath, Thursday, "I just got this Victory Records sampler in 2004 and I love it" vibes.


Probably the U.K.'s best "thrash" metal band. Have been around for years and have always been amazing live and on record.

Incredible guitar work, and Josh, the vocalist, plays and sings those riffs, nutta!