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Will Smith's Daughter Willow Jams to Primus, Les Claypool Approves

"Fine guitar pickin’ there young fiery lass"
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Will Smith's daughter Willow has been putting out music for eight years now, but her most recent material has had a much different flavor to it. Last year's album, Lately I Feel Everything, saw the actor/musician's daughter embrace a darker, gothier form of pop-punk, and many of the singles she's released this year have had a punkier, stormier feel than the indie-pop of her earlier years.

She's also begun to publicly embrace music of a heavier proclivity. Yesterday (September 21st), the 21-year-old artist who records as WILLOW — and whose mother, Jada Pinkett Smith, fronted the nu-metal band Wicked Wisdom in the 2000s — posted a video of her jamming along to Primus' 2022 track "Conspiranoia," and none other than Les Claypool himself chimed in to approve of her handiwork.

The video featured Willow singing and picking along on her guitar, with the caption, "I FUCKING LOVE PRIMUS." Then, she told her 10.5 million followers that, "If you haven't listened to [Primus' 2022 EP] Conspiranoid … that's a big issue."

She got a lot of love from fans of hers in the comments, but the biggest compliment came from the Primus mastermind. "Fine guitar pickin' there young fiery lass," Claypool commented with his typically wonky affect. Incredible.

Watch Willow's video below via Instagram.