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Witches, Wilderness, OCD: See Orbit Culture's Trilogy-Ending "The Shadowing" Video

Swedish rising stars channel Gojira, Behemoth on propulsive single

Starting with September's stunning "Nensha" music video and continuing with February's equally gripping "Rebirth" clip, Sweden's Orbit Culture have been building tension and momentum toward the conclusion of a planned three-part video series. Today (March 27th), the atmospheric extreme-metal quartet have teamed with Revolver to bring that trilogy to its heart-pounding end with "The Shadowing," a concussive, Gojira-esque new single and its metaphor-laced horror-movie-style visual. The premiere comes as the band are featured in our latest "Artists You Need to Know" roundup, alongside other cutting-edge up-and-comers including Machine Girl and Eye Flys. "The Shadowing" will appear on Orbit Culture's new album, Nija, due this summer via Seek and Strike.

"The song 'The Shadowing' is the final installment in our trilogy taking on the issues of living and overcoming depression," Orbit Culture vocalist, guitarist and songwriter Niklas Karlsson says. "My inspiration for the lyrics comes from my own issues with OCD and particularly Harm-OCD, which can be quite scary, but I think and hope that the track will apply for anyone going through issues with these sorts of things and to show them that they're not in this alone. With images of a witch, with the killing and resurrection of the witch, and a woman finally finding the light in this one, we tried to go over the issues of anxiety and depression in a very metaphorical and, hopefully, creative manner.

"The idea of telling a story came to light early in the process of writing the album. We felt pretty tired of our older videos just having us playing the song from start to finish, and we wanted to do something more creative with the visual presentation of the album. I won't lie, this album has been the hardest and most difficult set of songs I've ever worked with. Not so much by the musical side of things — the songs themselves went pretty fast to write. However, some technical difficulties with computers, hard drives, members leaving, guitars failing, and touring for the first time — which was an awesome experience by the way — has stalled the album quite a bit. This, though, may be the first time in our musical adventure that I'm truly proud of something the boys and I have made. I hope you'll see what we mean once the album drops, but until then, enjoy 'The Shadowing,' and we can't wait to finally reveal our third album, Nija, for all of you soon."

Watch "Nensha" and "Rebirth" below, and "The Shadowing" above.