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Witherfall, Iced Earth Guitarist Jake Dreyer Picks 5 Craziest Metal Solos

Shredder hails Yngwie J. Malmsteen's "fire," Marty Friedman's cacophony and more
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photograph by Stephanie Cabral

Revolver has teamed with Witherfall for an exclusive "Tempest Frost" variant of their upcoming third LP, Curse of Autumn. Quantities are limited to 200 worldwide — so order yours now!

Since Witherfall emerged out of Los Angeles with their 2017 debut Nocturnes and Requiems, the band has become a rising force in the dark, melodic progressive-metal scene. Which makes sense, considering the group features an all-star cast of players that are also members of Sanctuary, Iced Earth and more. Witherfall up the ante on their third and latest album, Curse of Autumn (due March 5, 2021), thanks to a production assist by Jon Schaffer (Iced Earth, Demons & Wizards) who teamed with Witherfall vocalist Joseph Michael and guitarist Jake Dreyer for the recording.

"We wanted to outdo ourselves on Curse of Autumn," Dreyer says. "That's really it. We brought on Jon Schaffer to produce. He wanted a heavy, dynamic sound for Curse of Autumn. The guitar tracks alone are way more insane than anything we've ever really done."

As heard on Witherfall's soaring, virtuosic songs, Dreyer (who also plays with Schaffer in long-running Florida  metal crew Iced Earth), is no stranger to guitar insanity. In that spirit, we caught up with him to discuss the wildest guitar solos that most inspire his own creativity.

Yngwie J. Malmsteen "Now Your Ships Are Burned"

The two solos in this song just completely floored me the first time I heard it. I still listen back to this for inspiration. It's just off-the-cuff and executed with so much fire.

Cacophony "Desert Island"

Jason Becker and Marty Friedman are both the pinnacle guitar team for me. This solo just creates an entire movement and showcases both players' unique approach to lead guitar playing. This whole record, Speed Metal Symphony, does.

King Diamond "A Visit From the Dead"

One of the first bands in a metal format that would include acoustic guitar solos in their songs. [Guitarist] Andy LaRocque would write mini-songs within his solos that if taken out or changed would ruin the overall composition entirely.

Haji’s Kitchen "Altered Mind"

This one might be a little nice find for anyone that hasn't dived way too far in the Shrapnel Records catalog. This playing from Brett Stine and Eddie Head is just super innovative in a metal context. Also this record, Haji's Kitchen, as a whole is incredible.

Nevermore's Chris Broderick and Jeff Loomis Live at Jaxx Nightclub 5-7-06

I watched this video constantly when it first came out — just totally improv off-the-cuff guitar mastery and ends with a cool harmonized "Jet to Jet" Yngwie nod at the end.