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WTF! See LIZZO sing RAMMSTEIN's "Du Hast" onstage in Germany

Pop star showed off her German skills onstage in Hamburg
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Like many Americans, Lizzo's familiarity with the German language starts and ends with Rammstein. The Grammy-winning pop star, known for decidedly un-metal songs like "About Damn Time" and "Truth Hurts," chose to dip her toes into Deutsche-speak by spontaneously bursting into the industrial-metal band's song "Du Hast" during a recent show in Hamburg, Germany. 

As captured by one TikToker, Lizzo was having fun bantering between songs when she decided to prove to the Germanic audience before her that she did, in fact, know a few words in their native tongue. So she started a capella singing the chorus of "Du Hast," a song from Rammstein's defining 1997 album, Sehnsucht. The audience thought it was hysterical, and after a few lines, Lizzo herself burst into laughter and moved on with her performance.

But for a minute there, one of the biggest pop artists in the world was quoting fucking Rammstein during a glitzy arena show. Pretty fucking wild. Watch video below via TikTok. 

@jacquelinekirchhoff Germany = Rammstein she had just learned how to say "Oma", that's why she incorporated it #lizzo #rammstein #germany #german #funny #concert #thespecialtour #specialtour #tour @lizzo @Rammstein Originalton - Jackie (Taylor’s Version)