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YOB to Smashing Pumpkins: See Emma Ruth Rundle Pick Favorite Albums

Singer-songwriter's essential-listening list also includes Emmylou Harris, 'Ghost in the Shell,' 'Suspiria,' more

Emma Ruth Rundle's 2018 LP On Dark Horses was one of the most gorgeous and loved albums of the year, clocking in at #23 on Revolver's annual list. The musician recently stopped by Amoeba Records in Los Angeles, California to share her picks of the records and artists that most influenced her creativity.

Rundle starts things off with a solid choice in Thom Yorke's soundtrack for the 2018 remake of horror film Suspiria, before citing her love of the original and its Goblin-led soundtrack. "I love Thom Yorke, and figured he was up for the task of re-envisioning the whole thing," she says. 

Moving on to YOB's brilliant Our Raw Heart, Rundle explains how the record's heaviness is offset by its stirring sound. "While it maybe falls under the 'doom-metal' category, the themes lyrically and musically are very uplifting in this record and this band," she explains. "There's something transcendent in their approach to songwriting." 

Rundle's next choice is Emmylou Harris' Wrecking Ball, an album she calls a "must-have" and from which she covered the track "All My Tears." The records then move further into experimental territory with the soundtrack to anime Ghost in the Shell and electronic musician Tim Hecker's Konoyo

Moving back toward rock, the singer/guitarist pulls out Smashing Pumpkins classic Siamese Dream, defending the band's controversial front man with, "People give Billy [Corgan] some shit, but I think he's a genius and you can really hear it in this album." 

SRSQ's 2018 record Unreality makes an appearance next, calling singer Kennedy Ashlyn's voice "special" and expressing how excited she is to finally hear the album. 

Watch the full video above to find out what other music Rundle pulls out, including an album of funerary rituals in Bali and one from obscure singer-songwriter Ted Lucas.