21 Beers, 21 Metal Songs: Dave Witte, Richard Christy vs. Trappist Drinking Challenge

Trappist — a.k.a. Spazz's Chris Dodge, Crom and Despise Your's Phil Vera, and Ryan Harkins, co-owner of the popular heavy metal–themed burger joint Grill Em' All — will release their debut album, Ancient Brewing Tactics, August 17th via Relapse Records. The band, whose name is inspired by the Cistercian monks that brew beer ("Trappists"), have also offered up a recommended beer pairing — including specials from metal breweries like 3 Floyds and TRVE — for each of the LP's 21 tracks. Since this challenge is for true aficionados only, Revolver called in craft beer connoisseurs Dave Witte of Municipal Waste and Richard Christy of Death/Charred Walls of the Damned to take on the task of reviewing each song and beer. Watch the drummers try to taste-test 21 beers and 21 metal cuts in 21 minutes (give or take) and all the hilarious wasted action in between.