"Blood Painter" Vincent Castiglia on Slayer, Giger, Gregg Allman, Power of Art

Vincent Castiglia paints in blood — so it seems only natural that Slayer would commission him to create a poster for their farewell world tour. We visited Castiglia at his NYC studio as he worked on his stunning piece for the thrash O.G.s to talk about his art, the power of blood and music, his relationship with H.R. Giger, who took him under his wing, and Slayer's Gary Holt, for whom he painted a custom "blood guitar." He also opened up about what it was like painting the cover art for Gregg Allman's final album in the southern-rock icon's own blood shortly after the musician's death. "I'm working with a literal part of his body — it was just really emotional," Castiglia says. "I'll take that to my grave."