Code Orange's Jami Morgan: How Blue-Collar Pittsburgh Roots Make Band Stronger

Pittsburgh's Code Orange may have had their breakout year in 2018, which saw the metallic hardcore band receive their first-ever Grammy nomination for Forever, but their (insane-looking) walk down the red carpet was the result of 10 hard-fought years grinding it out on the road with little-to-no compensation or recognition. So what kept the crew going during those lean times? Founding drummer-singer Jami Morgan credits his band's unwavering commitment to hard work and uncompromising creativity to the working-class ethos he picked up from his family and Pennsylvania hometown. See Morgan recount being raised by teenage parents, living in his grandparents' basement, and how his union-organizer father helped instill the work ethic and "moral compass" that would help lead him and Code Orange to success.

September 1, 2018