East Side Ink

East Side Ink's Josh Lord Talks NYC's Golden Age of Illegal Tattooing

Revolver and Inked have partnered to bring you stories on some of the world's best tattooers and tattoo shops, including New York City's East Side Ink. We sat down with East Side Ink co-owner Josh Lord to talk about his tattoo icons and fascination with the chronicles of tattooing. "New York, in my opinion, [is] the most interesting place for the history of American tattooing," says Lord. "It was a great group of interesting people, then it became illegal here. All those people had to spread out to other places and took their art and New York style with them." Watch the video above in which Lord explains more and looking up to artists like Andrea Elston, Patrick Conlon and Nalla Smith by copying their professionalism and level of detail in art.

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