East Side Ink

Josh Lord on Tattooing Rock Stars: "They're Just Normal People ... Except Iggy Pop"

Revolver and Inked have partnered to bring you stories on some of the world's best tattooers and tattoo shops, including New York City's East Side Ink. In the latest installment of our series, we sat down with East Side Ink co-owner Josh Lord to talk about tattooing celebrities. "They're just folks, normal people… except Iggy Pop, he's actually just remarkably cool," Lord says with a laugh, adding that when they're getting inked they're "in a painful place ... So they aren't showing off or doing anything for the camera. It's kind of a nice break in a way from celebrity when you're actually suffering. So it humanizes everybody, you know?" Watch the video above in which Lord tell tales of visiting Joe Perry's home, crossing paths with Johnny Depp, receiving bass lessons from Dee Dee Ramone and why famous people come to East Side Ink in the first place.

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