See Actor Chris Meloni Get Cozy With Giant Stuffed Giraffe, Talk Insane New Show 'Happy!'

Most people know Chris Meloni for playing heroic detective Elliot Stabler on Law & Order: SVU or the bonkers cook from Wet Hot American Summer. Now, the actor is indulging his darker side as Nick Sax: the deadbeat, gun-toting antihero at the center Happy!  — SyFy's insane new series. Described by the actor as a "a superhero movie on testosterone and other drugs," the show, adapted from Grant Morrison's adored graphic novel of the same name, follows Sax and a bucktoothed cartoon horse named Happy (voiced by Patton Oswalt) on a glorious — and extremely gory — journey to save a young girl from a deranged man in a Santa suit. Revolver caught up with Meloni backstage on the set of Happy! to chat about his newfound "antihero schtick," and why you should take this irreverent show very, very seriously. "You can't handle the Happy," he warns us, "I fuckin' dare you."

November 29, 2017