See August Burns Red Tour Local Venues, Talk Hometown's "Finesse" Mosh Pits

In the conclusion of our two-part "Hometown" series with August Burns Red, we dig deeper into the metalcore band's roots in the rural community of Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Watch guitarists JB Brubaker and Brent Rambler take us to the local venues where they first honed their live skills: including the American Legion Hall where ABR played their Thrill Seeker record-release show, and the Chameleon Club, which attracted hardcore kids renowned for their acrobatic moshing. Meanwhile, drummer Matt Greiner reflects on how his religious faith is deeply connected to his vision for August Burns Red, and vocalist Jake Luhrs recounts the sequence of events that led him to drive 11 hours to try out for ABR, and why he has grown to love this region of "farmland, cornfields and buggies."