Ride the Lightning

See Birdhouse Skater Aaron "Jaws" Homoki Jump Off Roofs, "Risk It for the Biscuit"

In the latest episode of "Ride the Lightning" — our series dedicated to profiling particularly badass skateboarders — we feature Aaron "Jaws" Homoki, who has an unusual sickness for setting out in the urban landscapes to find the biggest staircases and rooftops around, and then jumping his skateboard right off of them. He typically rides away unscathed — typically, but not always. Watch the Birdhouse pro skater rip through his favorite parks in his hometown of Paradise, Arizona, and then wind up in an unfavorable "split" after attempting to kickflip melon off a rooftop gap to the street. (It was a stunt that actually cost Jaws a two-month recovery before he could skate again and finish this video.) But all is well in paradise again and, as Homoki puts it, "Sometimes you just gotta risk it for the biscuit."