Ride the Lightning

See Blood Wizard Pro Skater Jerry Gurney Snort Snow, Pound Beers, Raise Hell

In this episode of "Ride the Lightning" — our series that celebrates the most radical skateboarders — the Blood Wizard gang is back at it again, this time with team rider Jerry Gurney unleashing his heavy-metal spirit animal. See Gurney bomb a hill on two skateboards at once (and then pound two beers simultaneously), crawl through the snow with a knife in his teeth and shred every obstacle in his path. In this hilarious and equally badass video, Gurney proudly exclaims, "I am the Internet!" Watch as he and his Blood Wizard brethren, including all-terrain wizard Chris Gregson, conjure tricks over the unforgiving concrete — all soundtracked by the song "Lucifer's Castle" by Gurney's band Powerstrike.