Shredding, Puking, Face-Slapping: On Tour With Insane Skate Crew Blood Wizard

Climb into the van with eight hessian skaters covered in dude sweat, hoist in six cases of cheap beer, four bottles of Sapphire Gin and enough Devil's Lettuce weed to invoke the rapture, and hit the road with the Blood Wizard skate team. We departed from San Diego and headed to Boise, Idaho, for Skatefort — a Blood Wizard skate demo and part of the Treefort Music Fest. What followed was a succession of drinking, smoking, skating, screaming, slapping and more drinking. To survive a road trip like this, you have to do some liver training and be ready to bleed for it (tetanus shot recommended). But if you can make it through the entire (mis)adventure — congratulations, you're a fucking Wizard! Watch "Straight to the Top" for the full experience.