"Bitch Poses," Aggro Maids, 'Spinal Tap': Halford on Classic Judas Priest Photos

There is only one Metal God, and his name is Rob Halford. Beyond his instantly recognizable, genre-defining vocals, the Judas Priest singer is a bona fide style icon that established the now-classic, leather-and-spike-clad, motorcycle-riding, metal-rebel look while creating some of the most impactful heavy music in the last five decades. In Revolver's Dec/Jan issue, we featured a collection of rock photographer Ross Halfin's iconic shots of classic-era Judas Priest, titled Leather, Whips and Motorcycles. We recently sat down with Halford to get the stories behind the moments: from pulling "bitch" poses in rural England and striking GQ looks in Rio to dealing with aggro Holiday Inn maids and the Judas Priest tour that likely inspired Spinal Tap.