Black Mare's New "Death by Desire" Video Is a "Slow Dance of Temptation"

When she's not fronting atmospheric doom outfit Ides of Gemini, Sera Timms dives into industrial-flavored witch blues with Black Mare, an eerie solo project that occasionally incorporates the talents of Ides bandmate (and Revolver contributor) J. Bennett. "To achieve the greatest heights in the realm of Eros, one must be willing to surrender completely, which is a form of death," Timms says of "Death by Desire," off Black Mare's sophomore album Death Magick Mother (which is available now via Magic Bullet Records). "Also, to surrender a purely carnal desire in order to make room for a union which merges the lower carnal selves with the higher divine selves of two people is, for me, the highest potential that sexual union can hold. This song is the slow dance of temptation which may lead up to that."

October 2, 2017