Corrupt Love Across America: On the Road With Deafheaven, Pt. 1

"The last two records were written in really dark places," Deafheaven guitarist Kerry McCoy says in the first episode of our two-part tour doc with the band. "For me, it was a lot of drugs — and not fun ones. And that shit kills your creativity." Enter Ordinary Corrupt Human Love, the band's triumphant fourth album, which was born of new positivity, and behind which the group is touring now. Deafheaven invited us to hop on their bus for an exclusive inside look at life on the road, from the downtime — filled with dancing, swimming, sightseeing, soccer, backstage conversations — to the shows, sweaty, visceral and cathartic. Featuring openers and Deafheaven friends Drab Majesty and Uniform, the tour — like the record — represents a "message of togetherness and wholeness," says singer George Clarke.

August 8, 2018