Fan First

Fan First: Volbeat's Michael Poulsen on Metallica, Elvis, King Diamond, Chuck Schuldiner

On the latest episode of Revolver's "Fan First" podcast, Volbeat frontman Michael Poulsen dives deep into his personal journey as a music fan and artist. He shouts out the "three kings": Elvis, King Diamond and Death's Chuck Schuldiner, all of whom had a profound impact. He also reflects on Volbeat's long relationship with Metallica, the experience of discovering new music back in the pre-internet days and the unique physical challenges that have played into his evolving vocal sound. Plus, find out what concert Poulsen sold a bike to get tickets to. You can listen to the podcast — hosted by Christina Rowatt — on Spotify and Apple Podcasts, or watch here.

Volbeat on currently on tour in the U.S. on a co-headlining run with Ghost. Check out the dates and score tickets at the band's site.

February 7, 2022